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Our Services


WTES's global presence creates the opportunity for comprehensive access to exchanges, dark pools, financial, and trading services providers.  

Trading Technology

WTES's trading technology platform covers the full lifecycle of the trade through integrated OMS, SOR, PMS, and RMS.  It provides a single interface into all financial markets, exchanges, and counter parties.


WTES analytics are focused on generating and delivering superior quantitative analytics to empower trading organisations.  Our analytics derive fro  a collection of capabilities that use WTES's broad, trusted and reliable market data sources including pricing, on-chain, off-chain, sentiment data, and cross-content data offerings.  WTES's analytics identify, monitor, report, and manage opportunities and risks in trading and investment activities.


WTES offers a comprehensive range of network products to meet the full spectrum of electronic trading requirements.  From low latency colo and proximity connectivity to our Global WexNet.  Trading businesses benefit from WTES's economies of scale, shared services model, and comprehensive connectivity options.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

There is no room for compromise because WTES's technology solutions are the foundation of our data, analytics, and executions technology services productions.  Our technology stack is at the very heart of everything we do an exemplifies why trading businesses use WTES - our commitment to excellence and attention to every detail.