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WTES Trading Infrastructure as a Service

WTES is building the Weybridge Trading Technology Platform to seamlessly integrate seamlessly with global financial markets technologies and counter-party financial technology platforms.


♛                     CoLo & Proximity Hosting

♜ Device Management

♝ Operations Centres

♚ Technology Procurement


  • Market Data Analytics

  • Infrastructure Analytics

  • Markets Intelligence Hub

  • Predictive Sentiment Data

Trading Technology

  • OMS

  • SOR

  • Risk Systems

  • Raw, Normalised, Historical MD

  • Integrated Security Management


  • Network Connectivity

  • Global Venues Access

  • Network Services


Execution Algorithms

  • Optimal Execution Algo

  • Markets Sweep Algo


  • Vol Adjustable Models

  • Basket & Index Logic

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.



Access over 100 global market venues via WexNet™, our private low latency proprietary network mesh.  Extremely flat, minimising network latency and transmission delays to venues wherever possible.  WexNet™ was designed with fault tolerance and resilience on network, systems and applications levels.  It provides the most efficient paths and connectivity between all global markets and related execution engines.

The Technology Platform for Global Digital Financial Markets

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WTES provides access to global markets in any location, providing the complete technology stack, within budget and on-demand, enabling production deployments in otherwise unachievable timelines.  WTES's technology stack provides better control, transparency, and intelligence from embedded analytical hooks on multiple technology stack levels.  This provides an optimal performance profile for execution and overall business goals.